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"It was in late April, right as the SafeMoon craze was cresting and beginning to wane, that the concept for the ClearMoon Network and the ecosystem behind it was born." 

The crypto markets were booming. Everything was up, and thanks to SafeMoon, with its meteoric rise, there were hundreds of thousands of retail and casual crypto investors pouring into DeFi: clambering to create TrustWallets (or MetaMasks, for the savvy), hesitating at their first PancakeSwap... not even understanding the relationship between slippage and tax, they were just doing as they were told on the Safemoon site and in obscure Youtube and TikTok videos, all in the pursuit of that digital gold. And for many, SafeMoon delivered it. 


The OG Crypto types all hated it of course. “What’s the use case?” “Don’t invest in this trash.” etc. SafeMoon was the token that it was popular to hate, and most of the “trusted influencers”  wouldn’t touch it... but, to their extreme discredit, those who maligned SafeMoon were missing what was right in front of their eyes.

SafeMoon has two clear use cases: first, it’s to make money. With its ingenious contract and now-famous (albeit already passé) “tokenomics”, income generation was the primary use case of SafeMoon, from the point of view of SafeMoon, and from every crypto investor who invested in it. The second we will touch on in a little while.

So SafeMoon happened. And then came the inevitable copycats, the second generation of deflationary tokens and almost exact SafeMoon clones: the Bonfires, the NFTArts, the Happy tokens. Popping up within days of each other, they were mostly legitimate projects, usually a “SafeMoon + added gimmicks like charity or humanitarian focuses (srsly, we haz real use case)” and again, people made money. There were a few scams, and slowly concepts like “renounced contract” and “audited” and “locked this and that” and, of course, “doxxed Devs” started to become buzzwords and then standards of validity of tokens. Then the third generation (HODL tokenomics, etc), and so on... 

Bringing us to the current day (I write this in the end of June, 2021). The tokenomics of legit projects become more gimmicky, the transparency is still next to nil, and the market is saturated with scams, rugpulls and honeypots. A project is deemed old after 3 days (often 3 hours). Hype is everything. Misinformation is rampant. Trust is a joke. DeFi has literally soiled the bed, thrown its toys out the pram, and turned into what can only be described as a dirty, bloody mess. 

We’re here to Clear it all up. Pun fully intended. 

How, you ask? 

Well, let’s look at SafeMoon’s second use case: the most important one, that the “OG Crypto” folks who knocked it should be squarely shunned for missing – SafeMoon (along with Doge, for the less adventurous) opened the door to a massive influx of new crypto investors and did a world of good for one of the fundamental conundrums of cryptocurrency as an ideology, namely mass adoption

But what is this sick DeFi world into which all these new adopters are entering? We established that it’s a dirty place, and if I may indulge in my favourite allegory for the current ecosystem: DeFi is the Wild West of Crypto.  

These new adopters, like pioneers of another age, are the adventurous souls who have sailed from the distant civilized shores of Coinbase, made the perilous journey from the safe spires and guarded gates of Binance, crossed the great BSC desert and the Pancake plains, and arrived at the bustling frontier town of DeFi...

It’s a seedy, lawless, dangerous place of faceless anonymity. Bandits lurk in the form of rugpulls, cutthroat scammers and conmen are everywhere sliding up in their DMs, honeypot ladies of the night come onto passers by... and our pioneers are afraid but optimistic, weary but tenacious, as they’ve been promised that there’s gold in them there hills. 

Finally, they stumble into the saloon. A safe haven from the chaos, it’s a place to get the news and learn the lay of the land. It’s a place to arm themselves against the world outside, and emerge ready to help clean it up. And maybe get rich along the way.

That saloon is the ClearMoon Network: the reactive, secure, onboarding platform for the quickly-evolving DeFi landscape. And it’s just the first step in something much bigger.

Alexander “Sasha” Lisin, Founder


The ClearMoon Network is an innovator in DeFi education. The cryptocurrency market, particularly in the anonymous and currently highly-corrupt environment of Decentralized Finance, is a dangerous place for the new investor. Our mission is to make this space – our space – safer and more accessible to all.

The ClearMoon Network is built upon three pillars:


The ClearMoon Token

A tradable deflationary token allowing for the monetization of the ClearMoon project.


The ClearMoon Academy

The Academy is the foundation of ClearMoon’s educational platform – providing free DeFi education for newbies and veterans alike. The Academy comprises a curriculum of videos, articles and other educational materials designed to take the budding DeFi investor from their first steps to the furthest technical depths of the DeFi ecosystem. With how-tos, analysis videos, and a strong focus on the psychology of trading in DeFi, the Academy seeks to demystify the space, fight misinformation and common myths, enhance investor confidence and knowledge, and ultimately give our Scholars (our term for Academy graduates) the ability to tackle Defi without fear: maximizing their profits and ultimately Clearing up the ecosystem as a whole.


The ClearMoon Ambassadors

The viral, first line of outreach for the ClearMoon Network. TikTok, a prime source of virality and “hype” in the modern DeFi ecosystem, has become clogged with paid shills, low-quality information and an utter lack of ethics or due diligence on the part of influencers. The Ambassadors are our answer to this problem, comprising our own home-grown in-house educational influencer network. These are influencers who are on contract with ClearMoon, but beyond that, they’re members of our community and we only hire those who genuinely share in our vision. The channels and content remain the property of ClearMoon, and by taking advantage of the TikTok algorithms, and with the support of the wider ClearMoon community, our Ambassadors will quickly grow to be the primary viral source of outreach for our DeFi education programme and direct funnel into the ClearMoon Academy. 

In addition to our Ambassadors, we will be partnering with celebrities, mainstream publications and other well-known influencers to help promote the virality of our content. Ultimately we want to make DeFi and DeFi education accessible to all.

Our values

At ClearMoon, we have a clear set of core values by which we operate. 

Empowering Everyone
We believe education should be free. We will never charge or create any barriers to accessing the content we provide, whether you are a holder or not. 

We believe in project transparency. Our entire team is doxxed, active, and always at the service of the community at large. We will not censor our chat, and will respond to fud or criticisms in the open. Bans will only be used for those resorting to rudeness or hate speech. 

We believe that DeFi should be a much safer place to invest. While all investment carries an inherent risk with it, that risk should not include being outright scammed. By providing the tools to perform real due diligence in DeFi, we seek to cultivate a new generation of educated investors who will ultimately render these scams unprofitable and a thing of the past.


Community Engagement
We believe that it takes a community to build a community. Our holders feed into our influencer network and vice versa. Much of our core team is made up of early investors who genuinely believe in the project. We encourage everyone to get involved, and are always on the lookout for fresh talent to bring onto the team.

We believe that giving back to the world beyond the crypto community is important to the future of crypto and the world in general. While many tokens use charity as a gimmick, we began our donations out of pocket- without a token sold. As we grow, our charity wallet and private donations will be used to fund STEM education via organizations like Khan Academy and Code.org, allowing more people to become critical thinkers, increase their science literacy, and ultimately enabling the next generation of innovators – who we know will be joining us in the crypto space.


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